RCN Business

Flipping the script on mailing premiums.

RCN is a leading brand of telecommunication services in selected areas of the country. In addition to providing consumers with television, Internet, and phone services, RCN also offers business services such as high-speed Internet and VOIP.

After an experience with another marketing company that left the client with far too many expensive premiums languishing in a warehouse due to lack of response, they asked Mint for our take on an impactful direct mail campaign targeting IT decision makers.

Our approach flipped the script, and instead of requiring RCN to purchase expensive premium items upfront we mailed out a set of Nespresso-brand coffee capsules (about 75¢ each) – but offered a Nespresso machine as the incentive for taking a meeting with an RCN representative. This way, RCN only had to buy the Nespresso machine after they had a confirmed appointment with a potential customer.

RCN appreciated the results the campaign was able to deliver — as well as the savings they realized thanks to the “buy as needed” approach to high-end premiums.

  • Client: RCN Business
  • Industry: Telecommunications Services
  • Services: Branding, Collateral
  • Website: rcn.com
RCN Nespresso Kit
RCN Direct Mail Kit