Bellari TV Commercial

How to produce a brand new TV commercial in one week.

Bellari is a leading home remodeling company in the Central NJ area. At the beginning of the “stay-at-home” phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, the client wanted to promote a 0% interest financing offer that would allow NJ homeowners to make improvements to their homes – that they were now spending an unprecedented amount of time in.

Knowing that television commercials would be a large part of the media buy, we started by developing a few approaches to making an impactful TV commercial that would be relatively simple to produce. After the client selected a concept, we quickly went into action and shot the spot using a socially distanced crew about a week later.

The client reported an unprecedented response – not just in lead generation, but also in positive feedback from both customers and fellow business leaders.

  • Client: Bellari
  • Industry: Home Improvement Services
  • Services: Strategy, Branding, Video Direction and Editing
  • Website: