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We are a fountain of
creativity and ideas.

We can be a bunch
of wild animals.

We have been known
to read minds.


The most cleverly written, best-designed piece of creative will probably fail if it isn’t based on sound strategy. That’s why Mint prefers to start with a thoroughly researched, well-thought-out strategy before embarking on any creative exploratories. Because without a map, you’re going to get lost sooner or later.


Since our founding, Mint has won our fair share of creative awards for work in all media. We believe that creative can and does make a difference, and have case studies to back it up. Additionally, our proprietary Brand Voice process has been used by start-ups as well as mature companies to deliver a distinctive and consistent tone & manner.


Having proven processes in place ensures smoother workflow, consistently high quality, and on-time delivery. Whether developing new campaigns or revising dozens of existing elements, the Mint team prides itself on anticipating not just our clients’ needs but also the realities of production and market conditions.


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