It all started in a barn.

TRUE STORY: Our first “office” was a converted barn on the banks of the Delaware River, the site of co-founder Billy Joe Pyle’s bachelor pad. For a few months, CEO Eric Schoenfeld would drive from his home in NYC and meet CCO Al Navarro (whose commute from Frenchtown was much shorter) at Billy’s to work.


In 2014, we made the Inc. 5000. It’s pretty amazing to think that a company which started with 3 guys in a barn has grown into one of NJ’s best advertising agencies — with a roster of local, regional, and national brands. Heck, we even made the Inc. 5000…we’ll let you guess our exact ranking. Hint: It started with a “4”.

Eric Schoenfeld

Eric Schoenfeld

CEO & Co-Founder

Eric’s title might be CEO, but this Mint co-founder is one of the better junior copywriters we’ve ever had on staff — penning his share of award winning ads through the years.


Al Navarro

Al Navarro

CCO & Co-Founder

Al co-founded Mint Advertising after 13 years in the industry. His career began at the New York outposts of Grey Direct and J. Walter Thompson Direct, where he learned “old school” direct marketing.

Billy Joe Pyle

Billy Joe Pyle

CD & Co-Founder

Billy Joe began his career at TG Advertising/Communications in Clinton, New Jersey, working on packaging and inserts for Janssen, as well as brochures for Pfizer’s Howmedica division.

We never planned to specialize in one type of client, but there are four categories that we know and love.

BtoB Marketing


To the average American, Business to Business marketing is certainly a less visible side of the ad biz, but it’s an important one. Many companies serve the needs of businesses, large and small. We understand the nuances of marketing to this sector — but also understand that in the end, the second “B” is really just a “C”.

BtoC Marketing


This is what people think of when they think of marketing and advertising. And we do a bunch of it, for a wide variety of clients, local, regional, and national. We’ve pretty much done it all, from tradition media to not-so-traditional approaches. Ask us about Groundhog Day sometime.

Franchise Marketing


One of Mint’s first clients was a national franchise organization. And since then, we’ve grown our franchise practice by leaps and bounds. We work with some of America’s biggest systems, individual franchisees, even companies looking to franchise their concept.

Media Placement


Mint is proud to have one of the most experienced media planners/buyers in the entire Garden State under our roof. Hands on experience with accounts like the New Jersey Lottery and the “Stronger Than The Storm” campaign means our clients get smart, strategic thinking across all media, including digital.