CRP Inside the brand

Using video to connect with a B2B audience.

Short-form video is currently all the rage, and on everyone’s “best practices” lists when it comes to marketing and engagement. Mint’s been working with leading automotive aftermarket supplier CRP to produce videos since 2015.

These videos are part of a campaign called “Inside the Brands” and are targeted primarily at the end users of CRP’s products: the professional repair technicians (a.k.a. “mechanics”).

Mint works with the CRP team to brainstorm ideas for content, then develops scripts. The videos star CRP’s own employees and are filmed with a small crew in one- and two-day sessions throughout the year to ensure that CRP has plenty of content without creating too much disruption. Mint edits the clips and also creates promotional messaging around the videos.

  • Client: CRP Automotive
  • Industry: Automotive Parts & Fluids
  • Campaign: “Inside the Brands” B2B Video
  • Website:
This is an excellent company! I personally enjoyed the energy and the professional support the whole team gave to us into creating website.

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