CRP Industries

“Too many campaigns to count.”

CRP Industries is a purveyor of high-quality automotive and industrial products that sells primarily to the warehouse/distributor (W/D) channel. If you use an independent mechanic (versus a dealer) to repair and maintain your cars, they probably order parts and fluids from a W/D.

Because of this tiered distribution strategy, CRP has several audiences – including end-users like professional repair technicians. And in addition to serving the automotive aftermarket, CRP also has a business unit that serves the industrial products sector (which sells things like high-speed routing motors and food-grade hose).

We have worked with CRP since 2005 and have produced numerous campaigns for them for a wide range of brands and products. We have even helped them develop new brands from scratch. The “balsa plane” direct mail kit shown below was selected by USPS for a showcase in its Deliver magazine.

  • Client:CRP Industries
  • Industry:Automotive Parts and Fluids, Industrial Products, Manufacturing
  • Services:Branding, Collateral, Direct Mail, Event Support, Packaging, Videos and More
CRP Industries Direct Mail
CRP Industries Direct Mail
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CRP Industries Landing Page