What was the inspiration for the Mint Crock-Pot lunch?

Mint has always done fun things surrounding food – from parties to themed cook-offs. I think the owners were just looking for a way to get people together as a team once a month over a good meal. People get the chance to submit suggestions and recipes but a lot of times we’ll choose something and hide the theme from everyone ’til the day of, giving clues via email a day or two before.

When are they/how often?

Typically once a month. No specific dates have been set in stone. We just try to aim for when most people are in the office so everyone can enjoy.

What kind of dishes have Minters put together in the past?

Some have been themed to the month. Others to the weather. For example, last year when I took over coordinating it, I proposed a list of ideas to Al. “May is National Barbecue month why not do a Crock-Pot BBQ?”

Is there one that has been the clear office favorite?

The ones that get mentioned the most have been the ribs and sloppy joes, the Cinco de Mayo tacos and margaritas, and of course the outdoor BBQs we have done at the office and at Round Valley Park.

Which has been your favorite?

I think the first one I helped with, BBQ in a Crock-Pot, was my favorite.

Anything planned for the future?

Well we took a little vacation the last two months for the summer but we’ll be back with a good one in August. What’s on the menu? You’ll need to wait to find out!