Author, Eric Schoenfeld CEO

If you build it, they will come.

When it’s a company that you helped co-found, it certainly makes you loyal to whom you work for! I think the longest position that Al, Billy or I ever held before this wasn’t more than 4 years. And we learned early on that if you create a place you want to work — then others might want to work there as well. Employees like Darren have been here for almost 12 years, and there are at least 2 clients that have been here since day 1.

It’s nice to have a home.

Beyond it being our 15th Anniversary, it’s also our fifth year in our own building. For 10 years we listened to landlord promises, tolerated things out of our control, and never really invested wholly in our rental space. Now we are in an environment that feels like Mint — and it allows us to create an environment that fosters the passion and curiosity needed to propel us forward.

Make your own luck.

It’s nice not to report to anyone — but no one is going to take care of you either — so go make some luck! Do the things that you do to make clients respect you, prospects find interest in you, and a team that wants to work together, and the luck comes.


So often people are guessing, assuming, and wondering. Whether it’s waiting to hear from a client. Or from a prospect. Or from a friend. Or a spouse. Or, or, or. And then once you communicate, everyone is on the same page. You find some consensus, you get your answers, you have a path forward, and get some of your mind space back.

“Next week is gonna suck!”

It’s a joke that we have from the old days at Mint, which still seems to ring true 15 years later. What it means is that as busy as you might be today, next week had the promise of being even busier. Because when you keep up the good work, the work will keep coming. So, to Al and Billy and the entire team at Mint, “Keep up the good work”. Because you know next week is going to…be a busy one!