This holiday tradition goes back a few years, to an earlier iteration of Mint’s e-newsletter. Believe it or not, one year, something on our list was actually delivered to Mint anonymously. Thanks again, secret Santa!

So now we believe that anything is possible. In that spirit (and maybe to give you some gift ideas for the people on your list), here is the Mint Holiday Wish List, 2018 Edition*:

  1. The perfect starter Tool Kit for a new homeowner
  2. A Rolling Coat Rack comes in handy for parties or homes with small closets
  3. A sweet Pool Float (and currently on sale!)
  4. A Moose-Shaped Cast Iron Wood Stove Steamer (seriously, just look at that thing!)
  5. This Electric Bike would be perfect for lunch trips to downtown Clinton
  6. Tickets to see acapella legends Pentatonix at the Beacon Theater
  7. A 2-Piece Combo Grass Trimmer/Blower (seems like more than one Minter is a homeowner!)
  8. An Electric Sidecar Motorcycle — the adult equivalent of asking for a pony
  9. “Some kind of Backyard Firepit….Like this one?….Or this?
  10. A Weighted Blanket (Editor’s note: I didn’t even know these were a thing until today)
  11. An Air Fryer (Editor’s note: I did know about these, but now want one even more)
  12. A Pink Suitcase
  13. An Electric Snow Shovel
  14. A new Phono Pre-Amp (specifically, this one)


*Presented in no particular order.