By Al Navarro, Co-Founder & COO

Based on a co-worker’s recommendation, Billy (Mint’s Creative Director) and I checked out Tenderhill, a new restaurant located on route 22 in Whitehouse Station. I had never visited the previous business that was at this location, prior to it burning down, but I was impressed with the new building. The space feels very open and inviting, with lots of large windows, an open-air kitchen, and funky homemade tables, shelves, and counters. I particularly liked the front of the counters, which were made out of standard particleboard, but accented with a cool design that was cut into the wood.

We were greeted by a very pleasant and enthusiastic server who introduced us to the lunch menu of about 5 or 6 items and small selection of non-alcoholic drinks. Each item on the menu is unique to what you would typically find in the area and much of the ingredients are locally- sourced. (I also discovered Tenderhill is BYOB, a fact that I enjoy and will need to remember when we go back.)

Torn between the Ramen soup (which I hear from several other co-workers is very good) and the Kobe burger, I chose the burger. In an attempt to be good (sort of), Billy chose the garden salad with thick cut Applewood smoked bacon. On their menu they have a side item, which is a Tenderhill potato. We asked our server what this was and based on her description, half of a potato that is boiled to a perfect tenderness then fully seasoned, grilled, and served with a homemade catsup, we were sold. While waiting for our food, we ordered some beverages (old-fashion root beer and sparkling water), which were delivered to the table in a funky carrier along with our glasses. Normally I would expect the server to just put bottles and glasses on the table and leave, but she made it more of a presentation with the carrier and poured them for us.