According to, there are almost 1 billion websites on the Internet right now. That’s nearly 1 billion ways to procrastinate, laugh, and yes, even learn a thing or two. In keeping with our single-theme concept for Blue Briefs (at least through the end of 2015), we asked the Mint team what sites they visit besides the usual suspects. Here are 9 sites to keep you occupied while waiting for your next meeting to start – with short blurbs penned by the person who suggested each:

Bjarke Ingels Group:
Relax – it’s not a porn site. It the website for a Danish architecture firm that designs buildings which are simple and stripped down to the basics, yet very functional and packing a lot of meaning. Very interesting site navigation.”

The Clymb:
“Great deals on biking and outdoor gear.”

Deadline Hollywood:
“I like keeping up with movie and show biz news, but HATE sites like TMZ.”

Jon Loomer:
“A social media coaching and training website. Affordable webinars and training to improve the use of social media for any company. There is a free download I think everyone should read: 12 Tips to Crazy Engagement.”

Mental Floss:
It’s somewhat like Buzzfeed. but you could actually walk away learning something from their facts, articles and quizzes.

Other World Computing:
“I’ve bought stuff for the office from this site for years, based on cost and stock availability – but also because they have a great DIY section, complete with installation videos.”

“It’s a blog. It’s a shop. It’s community engagement. Rapha happens to be my favorite brand: They’re the complete package. Rapha makes impeccably tailored clothing and they pump out content – films and photography – that captures the ethos of vintage cycling culture in a way that no other contemporary can.”

“Some people wonder how I end up in these exotic places whenever we have a 4-day weekend and here’s my secret. Unlike other travel sites, Skyscanner allows you to input “Everywhere” as your destination, then gives you a list of estimates for the cheapest places to go by country then by city.”

“A little silly, but fun. This site allows you to tailor your interests and spews out different, cool sites depending on what interests are chosen – all with the click of a button. A great way to come across websites you normally wouldn’t find.”