eLEND – Digital Campaign

Client: American Financial Resources, Inc. (eLEND) Skills: Branding, Design, Media Placement, Online Marketing


A relatively new national mortgage company offers a product that helps buyers and owners of “fixer uppers” to bundle renovation loans with their mortgages. The client wanted to advertise on HGTV and DIY networks to reach their target audience. While the networks selected were certainly aligned with the pool of borrowers they were seeking, we proposed advertising across multiple disciplines to further amplify the results of the campaign.


We started by creating several radio, TV, and digital campaign ideas and tested them against the client’s original campaign to see which performed best. But we didn’t stop there. Throughout the course of the seven-month campaign, we constantly analyzed the results as the data came in and tweaked our targeting options and campaign messaging as needed.

Since the client was working with multiple vendors to execute the campaign across various channels, which meant the results would be in silos and might fail to provide a complete picture, Mint collaborated with the client on a more holistic approach and worked together with the other vendors to combine and analyze the data. Looking at the data collectively provided the client with a more accurate depiction of the brand awareness generated.


Once we executed our own targeting strategy based on a broader reach of potential buyers, results really started to escalate. In fact, the client saw a 200% increase in clicks once our campaign optimizations were made.

Thanks to our ability to quickly adapt our thinking and refine our creative to reflect any new data as it came in, Mint earned its place as the client’s “go-to” creative and strategic partner. In explaining their decision the client said, “Mint not only has great digital media insights but is also very creative and extremely thorough. Mint thinks about a business from a 360-degree perspective, well beyond putting pen to paper.”



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