The Red Mill Haunted Village – Social Media Marketing

Client: The Red Mill Haunted Village
Skills: Branding, Design, Social Media Advertising


There’s nothing scarier than walking through a haunted attraction during Halloween. Unless of course you’re one of the people responsible for making sure visitors actually show up.

That was the situation volunteers at The Red Mill Haunted Village in Clinton were facing. With a very limited marketing budget to drive sales to their seasonal event, and competition from several other Halloween attractions in the area, they asked Mint if we had any ideas for paid media that could help them scare up more ticket sales.

Oh, and one more thing, whatever we came up with would have to be doable with only a $450 budget and be up and running within a week.


Seven days isn’t a very long period of time to go from concept to execution. We did it in five. And treated our time as pro bono.

Taking imagery from The Haunted Village’s past adult and kid-friendly haunts, we created carousel Facebook ads that targeted people living in a 10-mile radius who had an interest in Halloween, fall outings, or family activities.

Then, to help us really hone in on the right audience, we added a final layer to our plan and targeted people who showed online purchase intent from social ads. Our targeting concoction attacking geography, interest, and intent created the perfect brew for Halloween success.


The Haunted Village saw a 142% increase in ticket sales within the first three days of our campaign and ultimately made a killing by raking in $27K in total revenue. With only $400 in ad spend we were able to drive results as low as two cents per sale. And when it was all over, the client said it was their most successful haunt in their 27-year history.





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