By Caitlyn Harvey, Sr. Account Executive

I grew up in a female dominated household. My dad’s sports games were constantly outranked by shows like American Idol and One Tree Hill. It wasn’t until I met my boyfriend Pat, that I really knew what a sports fanatic was or the extent of leagues and pools one could participate in.
In the not so distant past I always pretended to be into the games we were watching. The problem was, I had absolutely no knowledge of the sports or the teams. I was encouraged to “just pick a team to root for” because that would make it more interesting. Yea, ok. Sure. So far I’ve been a Jets fan, had a short relationship with the 49ers, the Giants were pretty good for a while, and depending on who was in the World Series — both a Mets and a Yankees fan.

Last year was the first time that I filled out a March Madness bracket. I chose my teams by looking at the most important factors…name, colors, mascot, and the little numbers under the team names. I had ‘Gorgonzola’ going pretty far (I was proud of this pick) and I did pretty well until Pat admitted that he forgot to submit my bracket. I quickly lost all interest…as well as my boyfriend for the next couple weeks as he watched the remainder of the tournament.

This year was about redemption! I did actual research and filled out my bracket, making difficult cuts and questionable choices. And even after Michigan State basically destroyed everyone else’s brackets I was still it in. I NEEDED Kansas to win. I mean, they HAVE TO; I have them winning the entire thing! And with one loud “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?” I thought to myself, “Seriously Caitlyn? Who are you?” I has quickly gone from barely knowing how the game was played to actually caring about who was going to win it!

So for all you non-sports fans…there’s still hope. Being a fan, much like life, is a lot more fun when you just dive right in. Look at me. Who would have thought that by April, I would already be looking forward to next year’s March Madness.