Time truly does fly. When they started Mint in late 2002, Eric was still a Manhattanite, Billy was single and childless, and Al had 20/20 vision.

What began with 3 guys working out of Billy’s apartment on the banks of the Delaware River has grown to over 20 staffers in a dedicated headquarters in Clinton, NJ — only a 20-minute drive from our first “office”.

Of course, many other things have changed in that time. We’ve seen the country led by 3 different Presidents. We’ve worked out of four different locations. We’ve opened a satellite office in Pennsylvania. Employees and clients have come and gone. Apple has issued numerous versions of its operating system, not to mention a few generations of the iPhone — which did not even exist when we got started.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our belief that creativity can make a difference. Or our faith that the right team of dedicated and experienced professionals can solve a problem quickly and effectively for clients of any size, shape, or color.

Over the coming year, we’ll be sharing some of the best memories and moments from Mint’s history in this monthly newsletter and on our various social media channels. We hope you tune in. If you’ve got your own favorite Mint story from the past 14 years, please share it here.