By Al Navarro, Co-Founder and CCO

Source: YouTube

So, the other day, I was walking through the creative department and overheard people talking about James Bond. Being a fan of both the novels and the films, I joined in and eventually the talk turned to favorite actors and movies.

Everyone seemed to have their favorite…so I reached out to the entire agency to ask people what their favorite Bonds and Bond films are. Some of the responses were quite detailed:

BEST BOND: “Gotta go with Sean Connery. Maybe the standard answer, but I believe he defined the James Bond character. Suave, roguish, smart, but still a tough guy when needed. Second – maybe surprisingly — is Pierce Brosnan – because he most neatly fit the Connery style.”

BEST BOND FILM: “Goldfinger — it really is the defining film that sets the stage for generations of people loving Bond films – present company included.”.

BEST BOND: “It’s a tie between Connery and Brosnan, both for similar reasons. They had the look and most importantly the swagger of Bond, as believable with the ladies as they were with the quips.”

BEST BOND FILM: “Favorite Bond movie is much more difficult. I can say unequivocally that my least favorite was Moonraker. License to Kill, while it holds a special place being one of my first looks at the series, was not the best. So that leaves me with A View to Kill, Man with a Golden Gun, Dr. No, and Casino Royale. While Dr. No was the quintessential (and first) Bond I think I might say Casino Royale because it has just about everything you could ask from a Bond film, all in one story line.”

BEST BOND: “Pierce Brosnan — I’m gonna justify this by process of elimination from bottom to top. Timothy Dalton gives me a creeper vibe. Roger Moore was OK, but kinda goofy. Love Daniel Craig, but I think his Bond films are a completely different animal. Of course, Sean Connery is THE Bond and he set the bar for all other Bonds. But I pick Pierce Brosnan because I’m biased to more contemporary movies and I think he filled Sean Connery’s shoes PERFECTLY. And those “piercing” squinty eyes… woof.”

BEST BOND FILM: “The Spy Who Loved Me — This is what got me into Bond. That scene where Bond’s Lotus fends off the bad guys, then a helicopter shows up with the hot girl in the cockpit, the Lotus dives underwater and shoots the helicopter. But guess what!!! The car turns into a submarine and an underwater car chase takes place before arriving at Stromberg’s evil submersible lair. Oh, and did I mention there’s a tanker ship that literally EATS SUBMARINES!!!”

So while there was some disagreement on films, for Best Bond, things basically came down to either Connery and Brosnan. I put my vote in for Daniel Craig, but also mentioned George Lazenby.

George who?

George Lazenby played Bond in just one film, 1969’s “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. Sean Connery had played the iconic super-spy for 5 films and had tired of the role, so British actor Lazenby was cast.

George Lazenby only played Bond once, but for me, he did it in one of the best Bond movies. After all, it’s the Bond movie that sees our hero get married (did you even know he had been married?) to a character portrayed by the amazing Diana Rigg (better known for playing Emma Peel in “The Avengers”). I’d tell you more, but I don’t want to spoil it for you.

In my opinion, if Lazenby had debuted the role…he would be known as the “classic” Bond.