Crossing the Delaware

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In September, Mint Advertising took its first small step toward ad world domination by expanding its presence to Pennsylvania — known to neighboring New Jerseyans as the land of reasonable car insurance rates and liquor stores that until recently were inexplicably closed on Sundays — to better serve our growing clientele base in the Lehigh Valley.

We opened a satellite office, in a co-working facility in downtown Allentown, right in the heart of the city’s resurging restaurant district (of course!). And hired a successful local creative team who previously worked at a Lehigh Valley ad agency and brought many of their client relationships with them to Mint Advertising, adding to our increasing account total in the Keystone state.


Scott Bazzett, who we call “Tall Scott” because he is crazy tall and we don’t want confuse him with our V.P. of Client Services, Scott Robinson, and John Schlicher, who we call “John” because he is of average height and because we simply don’t have another John in the agency, added nearly a dozen Lehigh Valley clients to Mint’s roster when they joined us last month.

Scott is a Senior Art Director and John a Senior Copywriter, and together the pair have worked on some interesting and attention-getting campaigns for their clients which you may have seen if you’ve found yourself making your way through the scenic Lehigh Valley. For instance, if you were visiting Coca-Cola Park, the home of The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, and visited the men’s rooms you probably noticed the “pee-cals” inside the urinals which Scott and John created for an area urology group (yes, the ad game is a glamorous one, folks). Or if you were driving along the Valley’s main thoroughfare, Rt. 22, you may have noticed the thought-provoking red “numbers” billboards promoting the area’s top plastic surgery practice (“36A — We Can Change That” followed shortly down the highway with “42DD — We can change that, too” are perhaps our favorites in terms of both messaging and strategic ad placement).

Please join us in welcoming John and Scott to the team. We’re excited about this growth and look forward to learning more about the Lehigh Valley and the new possibilities that exist there.

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